Formed by Steve Cobby & David 'Pork' Brennand, The Cutler is from Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire. Steve Cobby is best known as one half of Fila Brazillia and co-founder of Steel Tiger Records. Brennand made his mark on the European music scene as maestro of the UK-based indie label 'Pork Recordings' - a label hugely important label in the Downtempo arena.

For more information about 'The Cutler' visit the Steel Tiger Records website.

The Cutler strongly advocate the use of Logic, FXpansion and G-Force software

Steve Cobby is published by Phoenix Music International

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Everyone Is Remixing Everything Else

Steel Tiger Records ST017. Released - 30 September 2013. Format: Digital Download. Featuring Isobel Helen, Little Glitches, and Russell Morgan on vocals.

This remix compilation of tracks mostly pulled from the recent acclaimed album by The Cutler Everything Is Touching Everything Else (Steel Tiger, ST015) - is done with love by a stellar gathering of fine musical talent... A sign of the respect in which Cobby and Pork are held.

The list of names in no particular order is Darren Emerson (Underworld), Richard Dorfmeister(Kruder & Dorfmeister, and G-Stone Recordings), Mark Rae (Grand Central Music, and Rae & Christian), Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins), Mark Brydon (Moloko), Gavin Hardkiss (Little Wing, and aka Hawke), Mike Kandel (Tranquility Bass), Mr Beasley, Unforscene, and Pete Lazonby (GHI).

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Reviews - Everyone Is Remixing Everything Else

"A really interesting assemblage of remixers, from Darren Emerson to Tranquility Bass to Gavin Hardkiss. Opening with leftfield house, which crackles and throbs with dance floor vibes - to luscious downtempo dub - leading through wide-eyed ambient stargazing and then scuzzy downtempo hip hop - finishing up with a remix where everything throbs but in a gentle manner. Highly recommended!!" - Acid Ted

Everything Is Touching Everything Else

Steel Tiger Records ST015. Released - 10 June 2013. Format: Digital Download. Featuring Isobel Helen, Andrew Taylor, Archie Hesslewood, and Little Glitches on vocals.

"Your physical organism is one continuous process with everything else that's going on. Just as the waves are continuous with the ocean, your body is continuous with the total energy system of the cosmos, and it's all you, only you're playing this game that you're only this bit of it... but there are in physical reality no such things as separate events." - Alan Watts.

The Cutler - Everything Is Touching Everything Else. This third release from Cobby & Pork is exquisite stuff, featuring haunting vocals from Little Glitches, Isobel Helen, Andrew Taylor and 'Archie' Hesslewood, you can get it from Kudos Records | Bandcamp | iTunes | iTunes (USA) | Amazon (UK) | Amazon (dot com) | Juno | 7digital | Deep (Hungary) | Boomkat | | Bagpack | Traxsource | Google Play

Reviews - Everything Is Touching Everything Else

"Triumphant return for ex-Pork and Fila Brazillia crew. Essential genre smashing songs and instrumentals." - Andrew Jervis / Bandcamp. "What a brimful of electronic bubbliness this is..." - Louder Than War. "The Cutler LP is best described as a beautiful record that fuses a whole range of different sounds into a brooding electronic journey." - Extra Music New. "That's a delicious dollop, mate" - Greg Belson. "A great for Cobby, the man is a genius!" - Ashley Beedle. "The Cutler, the electronic duo of Steve Cobby and Dave Brennand, aka Pork, are back with a wonderful new LP" - The 405. "I'm listening to the new album and it's amazing. How the f*ck do you lot manage to create music that is so deep, so funky, so heavy and so moving. It's overwhelmingly powerful stuff". - Nick Faber.

The Best Things In Life Aren't Things

Steel Tiger Records ST012. Released - 10 September 2012. Format: CD/Digital Download. Featuring Russell Morgan and Andrew Taylor on vocals.

The second album from The Cutler, The Best Things In Life Aren't Things is a paean to the spiritual, an exultation in a time of über materialistic thinking, railing against the state of the capitalist system and the grotesque behaviour of bankers, and suggesting The West needs to look elsewhere for its kicks.

You can download The Best Things In Life Aren't Things from Kudos Records | BandCamp | iTunes | iTunes (USA) | Beatport | Boomkat | Amazon (UK) | Amazon (com) | Juno Download | 7digital | Deezer | Deep (Hungary) | Echopolite (France) | Bagpack | Traxsource | Google Play

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Reviews - The Best Things In Life Aren't Things

"A great album and I will be definitely dropping cuts from this beauty. As for Cobby, me and him have had past vibes - the man is a genius, Truly." - Ashley Beedle "NICE ALBUM!!!!!!" - Hector Pizarro, Valle FM (France) "Fave Track sync estate-retro funky groove with an electronic twist.." - Ash Selector ( Solar Radio) "This is a grower... With something here for nearly every kind of set... Very nimble release.. Loving The Cutler" - Toon (Eastside Radio, Sydney) "My favourite tunes from the album are "Nightbirds" and "Revolution". Thank you for the wonderful music, mate." - Dobo at 45 RPM (Radio Varna - Bulgaria) "Finally got chance to sit down and give this a proper listen and it's damn good quality." - Simon Harrison (Basic Soul) "Very good album. I'm feeling the slow tunes as much as the groovy numbers. Real fresh and great prods!"- Alex Attias "Niceness from the Hull maestro, Teach Yourself Braille and P-A-Y-R for me - Great stuff!!" - Dean Smith (Soulshare Records) "THIS IS A WONDERFUL ALBUM" - DJ Bunuel (Radio Helsinki and YLE1) "In short, loving these tunes. Revolution and 200 Pharaohs - 6 Billion Slaves being my personal favs here" - DJ AliB2 "The Cutler album is totally amazing! Great music and very talented! Amazing stuff!" - Savvas (Sprawl Zone Radio, Greece) "The Cutler album sounding effing superb sir!" - @DJShepdog "Thanx mate this is amazing lots of top feedback 10/10" - DJ Dino

"I'm familiar with Fila Brazilia, but wooooooow, thanks for introducing me to The Cutler! i have never heard of them before, but after hearing a few seconds of "Nightbirds", I just had to purchase the entire album! then I heard "That's How I Feel Inside" and that song made me feel so good I just wanted to go out and slap somebody! hahahaha. Actually, now I can't really decide which is my favorite track. I also like "200 Pharaohs 6 Billion Slaves" and "Burn The Bankers" and "Sync Estate", that funk came out of nowhere! Love it. anyway.......i just wanted to say thank you because they are bringing me happiness right now and I don't feel quite so bad or lonely being up at this time because they are giving me eargasms at 3:13AM!" - Gypsy, Human Pets, Sept 2012

Black Flag EP

Steel Tiger Records ST011. Released - 21 August 2009. Format: Digital Download. Featuring Russell Morgan and Andrew Taylor on vocals.

The 'Black Flag EP' was the precursor to 'The Best Things In Life Are Not Things' and is no longer available to purchase.


Steel Tiger Records ST010. Released - 07 July 2008. Format: CD/Digital Download. Featuring Sarah Johns, and Alex Crowfoot, on vocals.

'Cutler' was the debut album from The Cutler and features the much played/loved track 'Stiletto'.

You can download Cutler from Kudos Records | BandCamp | iTunes | Spotify | eMusic | Boomkat | Amazon (UK) | Amazon (com) | Beatport | Bagpak | 7digital | Flyzik | Juno download | Rhapsody | Track It Down | Echopolite (France)| | Google Play

And get the CD from Kudos Records | Amazon ( | Amazon (com) | Juno Records

Reviews - Cutler

"Beautiful! Lovin' The Cutler. Ace to hear some proper downtempo music being made again." - Rob da Bank (BBC Radio 1).. "Lovely!" - James Mountain (Ninja Tune). "Awesome Steel Tiger music!" - MmeFly (BeatConcious). "Super stuff! I like The Cutler a lot! Will start to play it today on daily radioshow 'La Captura Del Sonido'" - Daniel Pe acoba ( "Lush mellow grooves - after listening to the album, we can confirm that it's damn good. Really great summery pool music" - Ben Gomori (Data Transmission). "The breezy approach The Cutler take to their music reflects well in a record that's a subtle delight, funky and airy for moments where you don't care much about anything" - Ben Hogwood (musicOMH). "An eccentric musical adventure"- Matt Annis (Editor iDJ).

"Fantastic album!!! I hate to say it (as it sort of discredits the freshness of this album when really it shouldn't) but it sounds like the perfect continuation of the Fila Brazillia sound after Cobby/McSherry (officially? unofficially?) disbanded. But with Pork's added edge. The King is dead, long lives the King!" - Monsieur Le Fevre, Amazon.

"Face it, when the guy who masterminded Pork Recordings gets together with its most creative musician it's not going to be average. Put simply this is 62 minutes of ubercool music, if you loved Pork Recordings this is for you." - Fatboy, Amazon. "Absolutely fantastic album, would highly recommend it to anyone. It has a bit of something in it for everyone. An original, imaginative & constructive masterpiece that will take you on a magical journey of musical exploration and creativity... wonderful! :-)" - A. Dickson, Amazon.